"What's So Special about the Sword of Freedom?" Is an unreleased conversation between Richard Goldvane and the Pirate Lords.

Actual ConversationEdit

  • Richard Goldvane: So..... why is everybody after the Sword of Freedom? Don't they know they need the other swords to unlock the gates?
  • Jack Swordmenace:I believe Pirate Lord Squidfish knows the answer to that
  • Roger Squidfish:What? I'm a Pirate Lord?
  • Jack Swordmenace:No, your father is
  • Roger Squidfish:Really? I never knew!
  • Basil Bridgebain:Aye, recently replace another lord
  • Jack Swordmenace:Bring him in!
  • Ezekiel Squidfish:Roger! Your alive! ( Ezekiel hugs Roger )
  • Roger:Aye! I finally escaped that nasty ship!
  • Ezekiel:Good! Now, is this mr. Goldvane?
  • Basil:Aye
  • Richard:Oi! You must be Roger's father. Basil and Roger have explained to me your power in summoning squids
  • Ezekiel:Yes. What is it you want to ask me?
  • Richard:Well, what's the reason that everyone wants the Sword of Freedom, when they need the other swords?
  • Ezekiel:Well, you see.. -coughs- the sword of freedom, is more powerful. With it, if you are in the underwater city, and so are the other swords, you can force them into your hands. It.... is the key to getting the others. With it, and the knowledge of how to get into the underwater city, you will have yourself.. the treasures..... of Atlantis.
  • Basil:Uh... you forgot the uh...
  • Swordmenace:The curse!
  • Everyone: -gasp-
  • Ezekiel:Ah, yes. If you open the gates to Atlantis, and your intentions are to take, and or use the gold and treasures, your body must forever serve as part of the gate. Many bars will break loose, and your body will become solid gold, and replace them, as punishment, for your greediness
  • Richard:Uh huh.....
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