"Pirate Captain Richard Goldvane" is the title of the first chapter in the second Goldvane Book, A Captain's Journey. It introduces the characters Richard Goldvane, ( Who shares the titles name ) Stormwalker, and the Green Runner ship. It serves mainly as a short introduction chapter for the second book, and isn't very long. It features the crew of the Green Runner raiding an English vessel.

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A war frigate with strong, green sails with an emblem shaped as a Hawk shot through the ocean. Ahead, was a vessel of the English Royal Navy. "Prepare to broadside starboard!!" Yelled the captain, Richard Goldvane. He wore a black tricorne hat with a red feather soothed into it, as well as a black longcoat with strange cufflinks in the sleeves. He also wore a bright green sack vest, and some other ragged clothing. His belt included a masterwork sabre, a small dagger, and a strange wooden device used for stealing knives out of people's pockets. "Raise the flag!" Said Captain Goldvane. Meanwhile, aboard the navy ship. "Sir! They are no longer flying british colours!" A navy lieutenant said. "What are they flying, then!?" The navy captain asked. "Sir............ they are pirates" The lieutenant said. "Prepare all cannons!!!" The navy captain said, but it was too late, the green-sailed ship fired a broadside along with some explosives and a strange illegal cannonball that summoned a lightning bolt to strike the navy vessel. The explosive caused a barrel of gunpower to explode, and eventually the fire lead to the main powder magazine. The majority of the navy ship exploded. "Haha! Take that, ye scoundrels! Hahaha!" Said a large buff pirate. "Stormwalker!" Goldvane said to the buff man. "Aye, captain"? Asked the buff Stormwalker. He was a large pirate with blazing muscles, and wore a light brown vest with brown pants, short brown hair, and riggedy boots. "Go aboard the wrecking ship and get as much cargo as you can!" Richard said. "Aye, captain. Prepare to board!" Stormwalker said. Tons of pirates swung over to the crashing vessel using the swing ropes. A few naval officers attempted to fight off the attacking crew, but they just knocked the sailors out. Richard was the type of pirate that follow the Pirates Code, a set of rules, or "Guidelines" for those who do piracy. They do not slaughter random townsfolk nor sink ships for pleasure, they just seek some shiny currency so they can make a living, they just do it... a bit of a different way. The pirate code instructs no pirate to cause any harm to the innocent unless you have to to. Richard's whole family followed this code and respected the pirate way. However, there are also rogue pirates, who care not for others, and not only murder but torture others for mere pleasure. Their ways of making livings involve kidnapping, cannons and guns of mass destruction, in which they use to slaughter uncountable innocent people, and even betrayal amoung themselves. The East India Trading Company ( EITC ) does not see any differences in the two, and decide to instruct the royal navy to send soldiers to destroy all pirates. The EITC has high authority in England, and also has many of their members in the Royal Navy secretly, some even generals and admirals. This gives the EITC an iron fist control over the entire English Navy, and they're leader, "Scarface", or Johnny Cothern intends to use the soldiers and create his own army of black guards. This army is already starting to build up, and in this book we shall refer to those men as "EITC Soldiers". Stormwalker raided the ship, without killing a single man. "They have boats, they can escape, come back aboard when you have the cargo!" Richard said. Stormwalker grabbed as much canvas, pine, and oak as possible as to repair the Runner. Jimmy Wallace, a skinny, white-shirted fellow was running around grabbing gold out of the knocked-out soldiers' pockets, and one soldier woke up and tore a rip in his shirt."I just looted this shirt from an admiral! Ugh! Now I need a new one!" Jimmy said. The pirates returned to their vessel and prepared to change course, "Next stop be Padres Del Fuego, mates! We shall gather supplies there for our future voyages. I plan to voyage somehow to Atlantis in our near future, so be prepared for a long trip!" Richard said. What Richard didn't know was that alot would happen before traveling to an underwater city.

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  • Johnny Cothern
  • Rogue Pirates

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  • Richard Goldvane
  • Stormwalker
  • English Navy Lieutenant
  • English Navy Captan
  • English Navy Guard
  • Jimmy Wallace

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  • The Green Runner
  • English Naval Galleon