"He's my father's best friend. A real nice guy. He saved me life, twice." -Roger Squidfish

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Basil Bridgebain is a Pirate Lord, and the captain of the Dark Revenge and Cutthroat Cobra, and Cutthroat king, and can avoid the bounty hunters! And is scehduled and planed to make an appearance in Chapter 12. He is friends with Roger Squidfish, since he saved Roger's Father's life, and his own life (Roger's) multiple times, and hes also a very, very, very, close friend to Rachel Shiphazzard.

He's also a close friend, ( Not nearly as close as he is to Rachel ) to Ezekiel Squidfish.

TGT storyEdit

"Oh yeah, I remember Basil, he's the one who convinced me to steal a chest from a skeleton, that had a really nice green vest in it!" - Richard Goldvane

He is mentioned in Chapter 11 while Roger Squidfish is introduced in the brig of Duckfish's Ship of the Line, the Neptune. In the brig, Edgar Wildrat informs Richard that Basil has suggested to the Pirate King that Richard should be a possible replacement for a recently killed Pirate Lord (Later realized that he was killed by the EITC). Also, he might make appearances in further chapters. It is unknown if he will or will not yet.

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