Besting the Devil is the name for a conversation between Richard Goldvane and Johnny Cothern/Scarface.

Richard asks Cothern about his nickname, "Scarface", and he explains how he uses it as a name of fear, as it does sound quite scary. They eventually end up mentioning Edward the Terrible, and then the conversation ends.

It is unknown if it will be released. It had a possible Chapter 11 release, but with so much planned, it didn't make it into the chapter. It is unknown if it will make it into the story at all.

Actual ConversationEdit

It starts when over the hours, Cothern mentions fear many times.

  • "So... what's the whole deal with the 'Scarface' folklore story?" - Richard
  • "You, do of course.... see them?" - Cothern
  • "Yes, yes, of course. But... why the name?" - Richard
  • "It's a nic-name. A name of fear..." - Cothern
  • "You seem awfully obsessed with fear, mate" - Richard.
  • "Fear is an advantage in these times." - Cothern
  • "Advantage? Explain" - Richard
  • "Fear is very powerful. It can force a man into doing something. It... enslaves the human. As it did me when I was young..." - Cothern
  • "Mate... you do know... fear is a tool of the Devil, right?" - Richard
  • "Yes, I do, Richard. I have bested the Devil. I have defeated my childhood fear." -Cothern
  • "And what is that?" - Richard
  • "Regardless.... I plan to best the devil once more. I shall use his weapon to force my control on the Caribbean islands. I use it for power...." - Cothern
  • "You can't best the devil twice, mate." -Richard
  • "Oh? Look at you. Surely you have. The Devil brings fear, worry, regret, and much more. Look at your brother, Edward. You bested, and killed him! He was surely a Devil." - Cothern
  • "Don't insult my family...." - Richard
  • "Family you killed?" - Cothern
  • "One, family is family, he was overwhelmed by rage, anger, and the Devil had control of him. Second, I didn't kill him, Blackbeard shot him." - Richard
  • "Regardless, if it weren't for you, he would probably still be alive." - Cothern
  • "If it weren't for me, everyone would probably still think he was dead, after he faked it." - Richard