"Pirate INSECTS!!!"

Billy Hullbatten is a character in The Trilogy. In Chapter 2, he is the main antagonist.

Bill Hullbatten is very strict on hating pirates. He does not care of they are rogue pirates or simply bandits, he intends to crush them all, and refers to them as "Pirate Insects".

He was friends with Richard Goldvane until Richard learned he worked for the East India Trading Company.

Billy is an EITC Agent who worked for Ian Ramjaw. After Ramjaw's death and the loss of Bill's hand, he was moved to be a special agent for Johnny Cothern/Scarface. During this time, he was promoted and given a special SteelBlast pistol.

Friends with Richard GoldvaneEdit

Billy Hullbatten became very good friends with Richard Goldvane, a Pirate captain. He even became the cheif cannoneer aboard his ship, the Green Runner for a short amount of time. However, it was later realised he only joined the Runner to acquire information and a payment. Within the next two months, be became an EITC Soldier, and trained his own special guard, Samuel T Skull. He was then promoted to be considered an Agent.

Fake DeathEdit

Shortly after becoming an EITC Agent, he came across Goldvane again, in a shop. He convinced Richard to attempt and join the Trading Company's Black Guard Military. He never disliked Richard, and didn't want to turn him in due to piracy. Though Hullbatten hated pirates, he realised Richard wasn't such a bad person, and took him to Kingshead to apply for a rank. They arrived at Kingshead and dicussed this with Billy's boss, Ian Ramjaw. However, Richard and his first mate, Stormwalker, launched an attack and killed their eight guards. Richard and Billy ended up dueling on the gate of Kingshead, where Billy had several severe wounds. Billy knocked Richard's blade out of his hand. He now knew the truth about Richard and all pirates. He prepared for the killing blow, but Richard pulled out an extra blade he had secrelty hidden in his belt, and slashed off Billy's hand. He then knocked Billy off the gate and into the ocean, where the Green Runner threw several explosives into the water. All thought he had died, but that was not true. He survived, by hiding behind a large rock above the water while the Runner opened fire.

Becoming a Special Agent.Edit

Eventually, Billy was signed on to be a Special Agent who would work in service of John Cothern, aka "Scarface". Even with the loss of his right hand, he was still a skilled soldier as well. With his SteelBlast pistol, he could slaughter multiple pirates in one bullet, though he cannot weild a sword as he is right-handed.