Bloody Billy
"I surrender! -pause-................. Not!!!" - Bloody Billy

"Bloody" Billy Wancerstone, is a sad, grumpy, moany crewmember aboard the Green Runner. He is a major character in the Trilogy. He is known as the primary comedy character, while "hating everything but a hershey bar". He is the main source of comedy. Though he's usually sad, he can be quite funny at times.

Joining the CrewEdit

Billy joined the crew on it's 6 month celebration on Tortuga. He was recruited as part of a "Recruit 10 crew members" activity for the crew. He has always had a rivalry with the first mate, Stormwalker, and argues with him frequently.

Bloody BillyEdit

"I hate boats" - Bloody Billy He was givin the title "Bloody" because of his sad, moany mood aboard the Runner. Bloody Billy didn't really care about this new name, but he was never told why is was given to him. Strangely, the captain, Richard Goldvane was never told of Billy not knowing of his name. It will be a possible chapter storyline with Billy learning of this secret.

Behind the Scenes.Edit

His name is based off of a temporary nic-name of a character from a novel.

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