"You won't be around to see it!"

"Yes I... -belch- will!" -Admiral General George Goliuth Duckfish and Captain William Daggercutter

Captain William Daggercutter is an unreleased character. He is not going to appear in TGT Book 2, but may in 1 or 3.

William Daggercutter is a pirate captain, who searches for treasure and gold, just like many other pirates. He is one of the few pirates who know of the Relic Crystals, and searches for them often.

He has a bounty of 2,000 Gold.

Note - This character idea was created by a friend of CaptainGoldvane's in real life. He thought it would be cool to create a page for him, so his friend could see it.


Daggercutter is a larger pirate, not in the stomach, but in the strength and muscles. He is a brave man, and is always willing to fight. When he meets someone with a sword, he often just challenges them to a duel. He will, on a rare occasion, just attack a random person, for no reason.


His face is a rather scruffy face. He has a small mustache, a rather dirty face, usually, and short blonde hair. He wears a dusty Bicorne, and usually is outfited with a puffy long sleeve and a sack vest. His pants are usually nicer than the average pirates, but boots are very old.

Weapons, and abilities Edit

Will always has his trusty, unique, Royal Broadsword on him. It features a blue hilt.

He also, occasionally, carries a dagger, a grenade, or other small items, but the blade is really "his thing". As for abilties, he has a simple "slash X slash" style, with an occasional lunge stab attempt. His style is meant for offense.

His weakness is being team-attacked, outnumbered, or defending against a duelist like General Duckfish or Richard Goldvane, his two arch enemies. He is currently in sword training.