Doll Tag is an in-game sport, playable by both Unlimited Access members and Basic players. It serves as something to do in the "dying" world of POTCO. With POTCO getting boring, players need something to do, and Doll Tag delivers.

How it worksEdit

Well, how it works is, a group of players meet up. One player stays at the docks while the rest go and hide. When they announce in crew chat that they are ready. Then the player at the docks attempts to find them and attune them with a doll. However, the players can move and lead the seeker on a chase, hoping to lose them. crewmembers take turns being the seeker

Port Royal RulesEdit

  • No swimming ( If your pirate is not in the swimming feature and CAN BE ATTUNED, it is allowed ) Exception : Jumping from the bridge area to the female shipwright area )
  • No teleporting whatsoever.
  • No using the compass. This is an honor system, users are expected to abide by it.
  • No using rolling attack.
  • No using evil eye.
  • No potions
  • No glitching potions
  • No hex ward, or any voodoo defenses
  • You may hide in a glitch as long as you are able to be attuned by the seeker without them having to go into the glitch itself and your nametag is visible.
  • No going into buildings.
  • No going into caves, jungles, or forts.

Tortuga RulesEdit

  • No swimming
  • No teleporting whatsoever
  • No using the compass.
  • No using rolling attack.
  • No using evil eye
  • No using potions.
  • No glitching potions
  • No hex ward, or any voodoo defenses
  • Same glitch rules as Port Royal
  • No  buildings.
  • 2-3 caves and buildings will be decided upon each round. For exmaple: "I think we should allow Wild Woods, Thieves Den, and Tortuga Graveyard this round"
  • No looking at a hider's player card.
  • When exiting or entering a cave/jungle, the seeker and the hider involved in the chase must both wait for the other to completely load the new area and say "ready". The hider who is running is then given a 2 second head start to continue.

Padres Del Fuego RulesEdit

  • No swimming ( The small puddles of water are accepted to use while in a chase, but you cannot hide there if your pirate is unattuneable )
  • No teleporting whatsoever
  • No using the compass
  • No using rolling attack
  • No evil eye
  • No potions
  • No hex ward, or any voodoo defenses
  • No potion glitches
  • Same Glitch rules as Port Royal
  • No buildings
  • No caves or jungles.
  • The fort is allowed
  • No glitching to the back beach.

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