"Hermit As Bait" was originally an action sequence in Chapter 13: The Sword Of Freedom, but was removed due to the need to cut down on length and action in the chapter. It took place at Shipwreck Cove, and was created to give smaller characters an action sequence, but it just couldn't fit in, and was forced to be removed.

Rough DraftEdit

Meanwhile in Shipwreck Cove, the pirate lords started to worry. One of the pirate lords had been murdered and no one seemed to have any idea who was. Night fell onto the secret location, and Jim Logan discussed a plan with Hermit. On the edge of a rocky cliff “I think we should trap the murderer!” Logan said. Logan was a young, upstart lord. He replaced his father after he died, and wasn’t the most experienced of them. However he knew the basics, and he was clearly onto something. The large Hermit thought on this. To help him think, he threw rats out of his pocket into the ocean. “We need bait!” He said clearly. Jim wasn’t one for long words, he was a simpler pirate lord. He suggested that they used cheese for bait. “That only works on rats. We need something the murderer is after. Like one of us!” Hermit thought. Logan thought up a suggestion. “How about we use Swordmenace as bait?” Logan thought. “Great idea, but what if the killer actually surprised us and was able to murder him? We don’t need the king dead.” Hermit said. “True. Let’s use you as bait then!” Logan suggested. Hermit didn’t seem to like this idea, but before he could speak, Swordmenace entered. “Hello there, mates. Heard you were plotting a solution to this mess so I thought I’d join. I brought someone else as well” Swordmenace said. Behind him stood yet another large and strong-bodied man. It was Skull X, Keeper of the Code. Skull wore a purple bandana with a vest and some dark black clothing. Hermit and Skull were very close friends, so they started talking about random things. “Have you seen my new gigantarodent?” Hermit asked. “No, I’ll be sure to look at it though.” Skull replied. They eventually agreed to the plan of Hermit being bait. But before they put Hermit in position, another man came up the hill. It was Will Goldvane“Ahoy! I thought I’d help with the plan!” William said. “Sure, you can help. Hermit is going to be on ‘The Wild Boar’ ship, out on the bow part of the broken ship. We will then hide and wait for the killer!” Skull said. Hermit frowned at this plan, so he convinced them to let Roto The Rat be near as well. 5 minutes later they arrived at the location and the plan was set. Hermit ate fried rats to pass the time. After waiting an hour, Hermit heard footsteps coming from the ship next to them. The ship they were had its bow literally rammed into the other ship’s side, and the pirates had formed a small tunnel to get into the other ship. The footsteps sounded very small but hard. Hermit unsheathed two daggers. Before he could shine the lantern at the small tunnel, a blue voodoo hex shot him back ten feet. William wasn’t really in his place, so he waited for others to make a move. The attacker didn’t know anyone was watching and began walking up the small staircase. Jim unsheathed his sword, grabbed the lantern and charged in, but the figure was gone. He saw a figure jumping around behind the boxes. He the saw two flaming boxes fly toward him. He was a goner, but William threw a steering wheel which reflected the boxes, Skull and Swordmenace unsheathed swords, and charged towards the boxes. The boxes began forming a giant box monster, but Will and Jim threw grenades at it before it could form. Whoever this killer was, it was a master at voodoo, and began launching all sorts of attacks from its hiding spot. It then launched a large lightning bolt at Jim Logan, but William threw a barrel in front of him, and the lightning bolt demolished it, leaving a strange mark on a single plank of wood. “I’ve seen this mark somewhere before” William said. Footsteps were heard running away, as the attacker seemed to be spooked off. The four went to where they heard it run, which was below decks in the other ship. “He’s in here” Jim said. “How do you know?” William asked. “He couldn’t go anywhere else, Roto is up on the passage-way to the next ship.” Jim replied. Spare anchors shot at them from out of nowhere, and chains forced by voodoo to form a human shape grabbed swords with their chainy hands and attacked them. They all fought back, as Jim and William bested them easily, Jack and Skull just went with brute force, and ran past them toward the killer. They saw it run up onto the deck. “He’s escaping!” Skull said. They both ran up to find no murderer. Roto would have stopped the killer if it went to the next passage. Roto was just lying there. “He must have teleported away, arggh!” Swordmenace said. The strange chain hex ended, and the four sighed in relief and regret. William went back to the barrel that was struck by lightning. “I have seen this somewhere! I just can’t remember where!” He said. As the night darkened, the group returned to Hermit. Thankfully he was still alive and they quickly healed him up.