Ian Ramjaw was an EITC Sergeant who served as head patrol sergeant of the front of Kingshead Fort.

"Surrender, Pirate!" - Ian Ramjaw

He appeared in Chapter 1:An Old Friend, and Chapter 1 only.

He was the commander of Billy Hullbatten, untill he died, and many thought, Billy died with him.

Skrimish at Kingshead Marching GroundsEdit

"Wait, their teaming up!" -Ian Ramjaw

Billy Hullbatten swayed Richard Goldvane to follow him to Kingshead, hoping the pirate captain would turn EITC. Little did Hullbatten know, Richard had other plans, and even arranged for his ship, and his First mate to follow him.

Richard arrived, followed by a sneaky Stormwalker to Kingshead. Ian's best agent, Hullbatten, showed Ian the pirate, asking him if he could join. However, Stormwalker shot three guards, eventually, with his bayonet. Ian ordered the guards and Billy to attack, when Richard killed a soldier, and Stormwalker killed his forth. Billy and Richard went off fighting, as Stormwalker held off the other guards. Ian had his sword ready, and lunged for Stormwalker. Storm quickly put his Bayonet away, unsheathed his sword, and parried.


"Surrender, Pirate!" - Ian Ramjaw before dying.

As the skrimish at Kingshead Marching Grounds continued, Ian dueled Richard Goldvane's first mate, Stormwalker, with a cutlass. Stormwalker used a sabre. They dueled untill Ian shoved away Stormwalker's sabre, and asked him to surrender. However, and unfortunately for Ian, Stormwalker was fast, and quick, and quickly pulled out his Bayonet, and shoved it's end through Ian's stomach, killing him.

Trvia -Stormwalker never saw that sabre again, he had to replace it.