Jarod is an eccentric outlaw who has seen it all. He has captained many a vessel, privateered for nearly all the major nations of the Caribbean, and is tougher than he looks. Being a native Dutch and English speaker, he often translates to his crew when dealing with merchants in his original home of Oranjestad, Aruba. He is older than he looks; at the age of 21, he, along with his half-brother William, daringly ventured to the Fountain of Youth, so he kept his strength and looks, though he is, in reality, 68, even though he is now immortal. This did have downsides, however: it turned him small and, for the remainder of his life (which will never end, being he is immortal) he will remain such. As a very young boy, he was a powder monkey in the crew of Blackbeard himself. Seeing he was an excellent gunner, the captain himself made him the head gunner. He was the sole survivor of the attack by Lieutenant James Maynard at Ocracoke Inlet in 1718. He had found a strange jewel in the Captain's Cabin, and he found that, upon touching it, he was able to jump over fifty meet in the air, run at tremendous speeds, and swim faster than a sloop. Being a skilled master-at-arms, he is extremely powerful and dangerous, though he is thought by some to be insane. He has agreed on several occasions. His life has been full of excitement, adventure, romance, tragedies, despair, confusion, and rum, and, knowing it will never end, Jarod embraces every minute of it, attempting the most insane things, knowing he cannot die. He enjoys rum greatly. He has privateered for many nations, even fought in wars. He has privateered for England, France, The Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal.

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