"He had a disgusting scar running from his forhead, across his eye, and down to his chin. It was red and gruesome, as though it had been cut using a jagged rock." - John Breasly.

Scarface/ Johnny Cothern is proud owner of many companies. Two cursed daggers struck his face, and caused two twin scars on his face.

The BeginningEdit

He owned a rescuing company which rescued people in need. But he has a dislike for Pirates. One day when pirates were stranded and sent a bird to deliver the message, Johnny said not to help them. But two workers helped them anyway. Johnny was furious. And he even made money off of it! So he fired the workers. But all other workers stood up against him. One, with two cursed daggers. So Johnny fired them all and none recieved any payments. He also quit and shut the busness down. Mad, the worker with daggers scared his face. But Johnny then shot the man. He was now known as Scarface.

The two daggers were thought to be Cursed... and some say he possesses incredible powers because of these scars. Scarface is yet to know of these rumors.

Ian Ramjaw, former owner of the Pearl Empire, an EITC war company, died. And the empire crumbled. But Johnny bought the company and rebuilt the massive Empire with most of his money he gained from his old company. But this... was just the beginning.

Rise of his EmpireEdit

My nickname's Scarface now. Just call me that, okay?" - Scarface to John Breasly.

Johnny's scars became very popular, as he was even named after them. He was instead of a proud businessman, an Evil EITC Leader, possibly the most Evil since Beckett himself. He was.. a new man.

Johnny Cothern/Scarface is now EITC. After the death of Beckett, Scarface gained power and ranked up. He gained control of many Empires. Captain Leon, and Benjamin Macmorgan, two HIGHLY famous EITC leaders, and also, Edward "The Terrible" Goldvane joined Johnny after a while. His scars were the new Icon of the Pearl Empire. He was now known as Lord Johnny "Scarface" Cothern of the East India Trading Company.