"Meeting The King" is a scene that takes place in Chapter 11:Captured. 


Duckfish opened the door, and they walked into a somewhat small room. In a large chair, sat a very large, fat, british man. Richard then realized this was the King of England himself! He was eating a rather large crumpet. So large, it was too big for him to eat, even for his size! He took a large bite, and chewed it up. The crumpet started to fall apart in his hands, and went all over him as he dropped it. He continued chewing. Several crums fell out of his mouth. Next to him stood Matthew Blasthsot, also eating many crumpets. "Freshly cooked" He said as he glared at Duckfish. Duckfish left the room. The guards closed the doors. The king didn't seem to notice. Cothern attempted to say something, but as he did, the king held up all five fingers. He then picked up the peices of crumpet on the ground, and even though they now were full of hair, dirt, and more, he put then all in his mouth. Cothern stood there, impatient. He sighed as the king swallowed. Cothern again attempted to say something, but the king then held up his hand again. He picked up another large crumpet, which fell apart the same way. 2 minutes later, the king was through with his crumpets. Cothern now, decided to speak..................................... the king again held up all five fingers, and picked up another crumpet. He paused before he ate it, and decided to have a large drink of whiskey before he would start to eat his third crumpet. The whiskey overwhelmed him, as he stood there, doing nothing after he halfway swallowed it. He opened his mouth, and much whiskey slithered out of his mouth along with a large amount of spit, which landed all over his clothes. Richard was disgusted, however Matthew just stood there, looking out a large, fancy, black window, eating his sixth crumpet. Richard noticed it was starting to get dark. He wondered if he would ever see his crew again. He wondered if he would end up in a jail for the rest of his life, or worse, be executed. He wondered if he would ever see the Runner again. The king then decided to take a bite out of his third crumpet. He struggled to make it not go everywhere. he then threw all the crums at matthew. He appeared to be satisfied with his first two, or maybe even more, considering he was already dirty when they arrived. Cothern attempted to speak, but the king, again, held up five fingers. He then grabbed a handful of strawberries, most of which were smushed in his hands, and ate them. He made noises like "Yum-um-um-um-um" everytime he bit down on the strawberries. The king swallowed, and paused. Cothern didn't dare open his mouth. The king hesitated, and then drank more whiskey. It overwhelmed him before he even swallowed it, so he spit it out all over Blastshot's butt. Blastshot just stood there, eating his tenth crumpet, staring outside at a robin. The king stared at Cothern. As Cothern attempted to speak, the king interrupted him, with saying "A-Mr. Cothern, I would be delighted if you would bring me a glass of water". Cothern froze in anger, as he saw a fresh glass of water behind the king, sitting on top of the fireplace shelf. "There's one-" Cothern attempted, but the king interrupted him again with saying "That one has gotten old". Cothern ordered a guard to get the king a glass of water. The guard returned with his glass of water. He reached his hand out and sat it down on the kings table. "Not there you'll get my papers wet!" The king said right before the man sat it down. He sat it at a different spot on the desk. "Five ice pieces!? You should know by now, I want SIX!" The king said.  What is the point of this? - Richard thought. "May I speak now?" Cothern asked. The King had to think about this for a moment. "Hmm..... I guess.." He said.