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Rachel is a pirate at heart, and very talented at piracy. She is friends with Basil Bridgebain, and Roger Squidfish. She is almost a master swordsman, just like her friends, weilding the Gorilla Cutlass. She has many other weapons and swords and knives. She is highly lethal with a sword, grenade, and knives.


This character is a fan article. She doesnt appear in TGT, OR is heard of in it, she may not even appear in the story.

However, writer CaptainGoldvane2 has reported he has possible plans for this character.

"I may or may not use her. It depends how many characters I have planned. She would need to be in a chapter with Basil or Roger, so I am considering making her some sort of... girlfriend of Basil's...." - Writer, CaptainGoldvane2

67px Rachel Shiphazzard may or may not appear in the story

IMPORTANT NOTE - Rachel got OWNED by Greencloths