Richard Goldvane is a notorious pirate captain, who has captained many vessels including the Green Runner. He is a treasure hunter, and his quest for valuable, sometimes unnatural, and even sometimes cursed treasures always tend to get him in alot of trouble. He has faced many enemies including the evil Jolly Roger, El Fantasma, The Angler Lord, and many more evil faces of the Caribbean.

Early LifeEdit

Richard was born on Port Royal, by a couple by the names of Thomas Goldvane and Grace Goves. Thomas and Grace were pirates, but chose not to tell Richard until he was 9. Richard had a brother, Edward Goldvane, who was two years older than him. His parents did not tell Edward, as they didn't want Edward to disrespect his parents. Richard, on the other hand, was completely fine with his parents being pirates. He thought that if a person was desperate for supplies, that he should be able to steal it. He considered it survival, when others considered it horrible. There were different kinds of piracy. The Rogue type, and the simple theivery, survival type. Richard preferred the survival type. He had no intentions in killing people for pleasure, like the rogue pirates did. Once the rogue pirates started becoming popular, the authorites considered all pirates theiving murderers. One day, when Jolly Roger attacked Port Royal, the Goldvanes were forced to flee to the fort. Thomas disguised himself as a rich man, Jonathan Smith, but the guards knew he was an imposter, and George Duckfish himself murdered Thomas. "Noooo!!!!!" Said Richard. To be finished later...

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