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"I have been in this brig for two years. They never hang me, or anything. Just left me here." - Roger Squidfish

Roger Squidfish makes a appearance in chapter 11 aboard Duckfish's Ship of the Line, the Neptune.. He is held hostage with Jack Pistol, Lawrence Daggerpaine , Richard Goldvane, Edgar Wildrat, and many other pirates. He seems to be more of a friend to Basil Bridgebain then any others, because Basil saved his life twice and his father's life.


He is a Moderate character. His father is Ezekiel Squidfish. He is also friends with Basil Bridgebain and Rachel Shiphazzard

He is a buff, deep-voice character. He is rather kind, and will do anything to help Basil, Rachel, or any of their friends. He is held in Duckfish's brig for two years, because Duckfish wants to torture pirates, and make them serve and clean the ship.


  • Roger finds a weird object...

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