(TO BE POSTED ON POTCO PLAYERS WIKIA when fully constructed )

Sack Ostrich United is a fan club/group in PiratesOnline. These players tend to do well in PvP and SvS.

They are honest, respectable players who enjoy playing for fun and enjoyment. Alot of them PvP or SvS for sport.

The reason we have this name, is because our symbol is a rare, bright/dark black sack vest and an ostrich hat.

Basil and Rich are epic

The Sack Ostrich Club owns a noob and his friend


  1. President - Richard Goldvane ( Founder ) ( Green )
  2. Vice President - Basil Bridgebain ( Founder ) ( Orange )
  • Executive Mighty Ostrich - Open ( Founder ) ( I request Jack Pistol ( Black ) )
  • Executive Mighty Ostrich - Open ( Founder )
  • Mighty Ostrich - Open
  • Mighty Ostrich - Open
  • Sacky - Open
  • Sacky - Open
  • Sacky - Open
  • Sacky - Open
  • Rookie - Open
  • Rookie - Open
  • Rookie - Open
  • Rookie - Open


Mighty OstrichEdit

  1. The Golden Feather Ostrich Hat
  2. A Bright/Dark Black Sack Vest
  3. Vice Admiral+ SvS badge
  4. War Dog+ PvP badge
  5. Must be approved by Founders


  1. A Bright/Dark Black vest.
  2. An Ostrich Hat
  3. Buccaneer+ PvP badge
  4. Commodore+ SvS badge


  1. An Ostrich Hat
  2. A Sack Vest
  3. Captain+ SvS badge
  4. Duelist+ PvP badge

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