"Come on, guys it's just a glowy red dot." - Somjo speaking about a Rage Ghost

Somjo was a character who served as a crewmember aboard The Green Runner, commanded by Richard Goldvane.

He appeared in, and only in, Chapter 4: "The Staff Collector". He was a very brave pirate, even more brave than the mighty Stormwalker. Unfortunately for Somjo, he came across a Rage Ghost on ile d'Etable De Porc, ( Which was at the time, cursed and haunted, by the work of Jolly Roger, to help Charles "The Menace" capture Richard Goldvane ) which killed him after he shot it twice.


Before service aboard the Green RunnerEdit

Not much is known about Somjo's early life, other than he was always brave


".. Wha... how?" - Somjo after opening fire against a Rage Ghost, and then failing to hurt it.

One day, Richard Goldvane, and his crew, came across a nasty storm, and needed supplies. The closest place was the French Island of the Caribbean, Ile de'Etable De Porc. They needed volunteers to go and explore the haunted-looking Island. Somjo immediately agreed, but not before Bloody Billy, for he hated being on any type of ship during a thunderstorm. They docked their dinghy at the dock. They explored untill they noticed a Rage Ghost. Unaware of it's power, Somjo pulled out his pistol. Bravely, he fought against the danger, and opened fire at the ghost. It did no damage. He fired again. It did nothing. Somjo was confused. Angry, the furious ghost walked up to Somjo, put it's fists together, and delived a huge, crushing, blow. It sent so much electric energy through Somjo's head, and so much dark voodoo, that his heart and brain stopped. He fell to the ground, dead. Richard and Stormwalker then defeated the ghost.