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About the SquidEdit

The Squidfish Squid is a giant squid controlled by Ezekiel Squidfish and Roger Squidfish. Its sort of like their pet squid, but at the same time, not exactly. They can just hold up a hand and it will go and sink warships if they desire, and if they want it to, it can wipe out a coastal town in seconds. This Squid is considered Giant, and it's the size of the Kraken. Altough it looks like the Kraken, its much paler then it, and a little weaker, but still can do a TON of damage. The only way to defeat it is to shoot firebrand to its head.


It is not sure if this creature/pet will appear in the story, like most of the fan-made articles.
67px Squidfish Squid may or may not appear in the story