Stormwalker is a major character in The Trilogy.

He is the first mate aboard the Green Runner. Stormwalker has been Richard's first mate for a long time, and always has Richard's back.

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Stormwalker prior to serving aboard the Green Runner. It is known he lived in Austrailia for his first 8 years of life, but his mystical parents moved back to their ancient temple on a rock island off the cost of France. It is said that it never stops thunderstorming there, and that it is extremely hard to find. Stormwalker always admired his parents powers, with them saying "Someday you will be even more powerful with this magic than us! You will discover new secrets, new locations, and new abillities!". Stormwalker lived in the temple for 12 years, but when he was 20, he left in search of new powers, as his parents said he will only learn his power if he starts his own journey. He stayed in bars often, and bragged about his powers.

Meeting RichardEdit

One day, at the age of 23, Storm traveled to Padres Del Fuego, to see the attractions. He went to see the famous bridge. After that, he went into the fort. An EITC Soldier told him the area is off limits. However, Stormwalker argued. Two more soldiers approached him with swords. "You shall die for aguing with an EITC soldier!" One soldier said. "And being dumb" Another soldier added. They raised their weapons, but then, a man in a black coat, blue pants, black boots, a green shirt, and a tricorne hat approached the area. He has his pistol drawn. He shot a guard. The other two guards turned, and went after him. One knocked his pistol out of his hand. The man threw a sharp needle-looking thing at one soldier's face. "In the nose!" He said. The other guard was about to stab the man, but the man unsheathed his sword, and quickly blocked the attack. He then knocked the soldier's blade of his hand, and knocked him down. The other guard picked up his blade, and knocked the man's blade of his hand. "Finally!" he said. But then, Stormwalker grabbed the soldier, and threw him in the dirt. "Thanks" The man said. "No problem, you saved me too!" Stormwalker replied. The man drew his blade, and defeated the soldier. Storm then threw both soldiers into the water. "What's your name?" The man asked. "Stormwalker. Yours?" Storm replied. "Me? I'm Captain Richard Goldvane, savvy?" The man, and/or Richard Goldvane said. "Hey isn't that Jack Sparrow's line?" Stormwalker asked. Richard didn't answer. Then, three more pirates came out of the fort, running from guards. One was a midget, another was a man dressed in all green clothes, and the other was a man with a hat that had a skull on it. "You care to join our crew? We are stealing our ship back." Richard said. "Sure." Storm replied. Storm helped Richard get his ship, the Green Runner, back, and became the first mate.

Behind the Scenes.Edit

He is based on a good friend of the writer, CaptainGoldvane2.

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