The Goldvane Trilogy is a series of stories Staring Richard Goldvane.

In Development

The Goldvane Trilogy.
Writer(s) CaptainGoldvane2HOLY MUSKET!
Producer(s) T.H.I Productions.
Created 2010- July.

Richard Goldvane.

Bloody Billy

Jolly Roger. Stormwalker.

Will Goldvane

The Menace

Sammy The Skull. Billy Hullbatten.

Based on

PotCO. ( All )

Partly a true story ( Chapter 1 only )

Co starring Adoria, Skeletons, Ian Ranjaw, Navy guards, and The Crew of the Green Runner. Somjo
First Chapter. EITC vs Richard/crew.
last Chapter. n/a


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The chapters of the storyline. There are certain sets which follow certain subjects. 1-4 is ' Dark Forces Rise ' and 5-8 will have a name soon.

Chapter 1 : EITC Vs Richard and his Crew.[2]EditEdit

The EITC's guilds have arisen! They plan to rule the Caribbean Ocean, and take over the seas as we know it. Their head guild that they use to train their Black Guards was named the Co. Empire. They threaten the Caribbean, and even Richard and his crew! Richard and his first mate, Stormwalker Were just buying supplies on padres. They went to buy a shirt for a crew member who's shirt had been ripped, when all of the sudden, an old crew member appeared, BILLY HULLBATTEN! ( Former second mate on Richard's crew ) ' Ah.... long tIme no see... Richard. 'Billy said. ' Ah... yes ' Richard said. ' Heard of the new ' Ghost ' ships Lurking around? ' Richard asked. ' I bet they give good cargo.' Billy clai'med he was EITC. ' Actually I don't plunder anymore..... I am an EITC soldier!' Richard and Stormwalker didn't quite believe hi'm, until he showed them his EITC badge. They were shocked. Storm attacked Billy. They dueled, ripping coats, smashing Tables, and even almost killing the Tailor. Storm jumped up on a box, and then Billy lunged to attack him. Storm dodged, making Billy slam right into the box, making other boxes fly all over the place! One even hit the tailor! ' Out of my store NOW!' she said. Storm came to say ' Sorry ' to the tailor, right before being lunged at by billy. Storm dodged AGAIN, making Billy slam right into the tailor! Adoria ( The tailor ) summoned security to kick them out of the store! Richard then bought the shirt and went outside where Billy and Stormwalker were, only to find them dueling AGAIN. ' Stop right now! ' Richard said. ' Fine! ' Stormwalker and Billy said. Billy wanted Richard to join the EITC. ' Richard.... since you are a pirate, and I'm an EITC member, for us to be friends.... ill need you to join the EITC. You can even be an Assassin! ' Billy said. Richard saw this as a way to take down an EITC member. So he said yes! He whispered in storm's ear ' We will trap him at kingshead, on my signal fire your bayonet at his guards.. ill take care of him. ' Stormwalker then said ' Nasty Co!' ( Their nickname for the Co. Empire ) ' Thank you very much! ' said billy. They went to the flag shop and bought a Spanish flag, so they wouldn't be attacked by Pirates OR EITC. Because if they used Richard's Ship, they would be attacked by EITC. And if they took Billy's ship, they would be attacked by Pirates. So they got a Spanish flag and and took off to Kingshead. but Storm could NOT come. So storm RUSHED to the shop and bought a French flag and followed Billy's ship to Kingshead, Billy THOUGHT it was a french privateer trying to sink him just because he was wearing the Spanish flag. But it was NOT! It was a Pirate ready to take down an EITC member! Richard and Billy reached Kings and they asked Billy's Sergeant ( Ian ramjaw ) If Richard could join the EITC. He needed a few minutes to decide. Storm reached Kings and hid behind a hay stack. Billy and Ian had 8 EITC Guards. Then Richard signaled for storm to shoot a long range bayonet at a guard, so he did! ' AEHH!! ' yelped a EITC guard who just died. ' What was that? ' Asked Ian. Then Storm shot another. ' BLEEHH!! ' yelped another dead soldier. ' There! A pirate, sir! Billy said to Ian. Storm shot another. AHH!! yelped yet another dead soldier. After him! yelled Ian. Then storm shot another and killed his FORTH guard! Then Richard stabbed a guard, killing him. Wait, their teaming up! Yelled Ian. ' Pirate Insects!!!!!!! ' YELLED billy, as he lunged to attack Richard, but then missed slamming right into a hay stack. Covered in hay, he jumped out, he chased Richard, who climbed over the doors of kingshead, then jumping on top of the main gate. They then dueled. Storm took out ALL the guards, and then dueled Ian. Ian quickly defeated Storm, knocking Storm's blade out of his hand. Surrender, Pirate Insect! Said Ian. Storm then pulled out his bayonet, and shoved it through Ian's Stomach! Meanwhile, Richard and billy were fighting. Richard pulled out a SHARP Cufflink and threw it at billy's lip. AHH!! yelled billy. I had a canker sour there!!!! Richard then swung his sword at billy, he ducked, however, his tall pridish hat was hit and knocked into the water on the other side of the gate. Billy was MAD! Now, I'm getting angry... he said. they harshly dueled for five minutes, cling, CLANG! slash, hrang! hack, flourish, fflang! creee! Then, Billy knocked Richard's sword out of his hand! Ugh oh! he said. Now you die! said Billy. Then Richard pulled out an extra blade and cut Billy's hand off! ( Then one that was holding the sword ). OWW!! he yelled, Then, Richard knocked hI'm out into the Ocean. then The Crew of the Green Runner Appeared, and then threw one-hundred Siege bombs, two broadsides of explosives, five hundred regular grenades, and ten regular broadsides, into the ocean where he landed..

Chapter 2. Rise of the Skull.[3]EditEdit

Sammy The Skull was part of The Crew of the Green Runner for 2 years. He served as a proud Cannoneer. However, he never got promoted. He then figured out that Richard was the man who had killed Billy Hullbatten ( Former second mate on Richard's Crew, also EITC/Co. Empire member. ). Sammy had been Billy's Apprentice once. So he decided to betray Richard. One knight when Jolly Roger's ship attacked Richard, Sammy jumped over to Jolly's ship, and locked himself in the brig. When the Skeletons found him, they took him to Jolly Roger.

What are you doing here? How and why did you lock Yourself in the brig? Asked Jolly Roger. I want to join you- Sammy said. So they sent Sammy over to Richard's ship and Richard Dueled Sammy. You will Never defeat Jolly Roger and his army! You will pay for killing Billy! yelled Sammy as they dueled on the huge War Frigate The Green Runner. He was an EITC bilge rat! Sad Richard as he used the same ' Cufflink move' as he did on Billy, however, Sammy dodged. Now, Richard has a interest in climbing high while dueling, so that's what he did, he climbed up all the way to the crows nest. But unlike Billy, Sammy didn't follow, instead he got a cannon, and pulled it to where he was standing. Then, he shot a Chain Shot at the mast Richard was on, knocking it down. ah... not good! Richard said as the mast started to fall. Richard then jumped to the other crows nest on the other mast. Haha! Richard bragged. ArGhHhEe! said Sammy in frustration. Sammy then climbed the mast up to the crows nest and they dueled. Richard then used another ' Sharp cufflink move ' on Sammy, he ducked, however, a lock of his hair got caught and it was then pinned to the mast Ahh! said Sammy. How ya like me now?? how ya like me now?? oh ya! Richard starting singing to Sammy. It was clear Richard liked the move he hag just done. Then, Sammy got SO mad that he used a dagger and cut off the lock of hair that had been stuck to the mast. they dueled again! Richard kept running one way and another, trying to get away from Sammy, but truthfully, there wasn't anywhere to run on a Crow's Nest. Then, Sammy knocked Richard's Tricome hat off and down on the raging battle blazing on the deck. Richard then madly pulled his last two cuff-links out and threw them both at Sammy's hand ( The one holding the sword ) AhRrhH! Sammy said while dropping the blade, Richard then shoved his blade through Sammy's middle. AoOuUhh! he said while dying. AoOuUhh! to you too! Richard said while using a rope to swing down on the deck, landing right on his hat, then putting his hat on! Jolly Roger then appeared on the Crow's Nest where Sammy lay dying. Worthless mut! Should have made you immortal! Jolly said. Being Undead has it's Benefits, care to try it out? Jolly said. I.... uh... ahaye... i thin..nnc... ahh. Said Sammy. ' Ill take that as a yes. ' Jolly said, as he cursed Sammy into an Undead Skeleton with his bear breath. Something about Sammy's Skull seemed big, so, that's where he got his name... Sammy the Skull...

Chapter 3 : A Change In the Wind/ Trailer for Chapter 4.[4]EditEdit

One day... Richard went to visit his old friend, Jeremiah Watts . Richards brother, Edward Goldvane had a son. His name was, Will Goldvane. However, Edward never got to see Will and Jeremiah, ( Who was a friend of all the Goldvanes ) had to take care of him. Jeremiah brought his friend named Billy Sussey and they went fishing. but then.... as they were on the small boat, Blackish Green Fog appeared.... and there is was... the most horrifying vessel Richard could think of... the Harkaway! Jolly Roger appeared. ' Billy! I see you have Richard. ' he said. ' Uh... eh um... do you have to mention that.. ' Yes, i have to, Billy! ' Billy! how could you!? ' Said Richard and Jeremiah. ' Ehehehehehhhahahahaha!! ' Jolly said. ' I had too! he made me do it! you must believe me! ' Billy said. ' CHOUHH!! ' Billy cried as he was stabbed by Jolly '

Enough of you, i have business with... Richy Rich ' Jolly said. ' Will... i would....... ABANDON SHIP! INTO THE LONGBOAT! ' Richard said as hIm, Will, and Jeremiah jumped in a boat and floated off.

They reached land, and they talked... ' Well i guess you'll be staying with me then, Will. ' Richard said. ' Yes.... i guess so... ' Will replied

Jeremiah joined the Crew of the Green Runner to help stop Jolly Roger.

Richard trained Will, and also taught him his ' Sharp Cufflink move '.

Well.. this is a change in the wind, eh? Richard asked. ' Aye... never really been this.. ' prepared. ' Said Will. Well, billy wasn't the ' Training type '. Richard said.

Will went on and got a job at a bar. Half of the store served rum and the other half served food. In the middle was swords available for purchase.

' You sure you dont wanna become a pirate and join the crew of the Green Runner? ' Richard asked as Will was about to leave for his new job on Port Royal. ' Sorry, uncle.. i just dont think im ready. ' William replied. ' I understand.. if you ever need help just find me. ' Richard said. ' I'll be sure to do that. ' Will replied.

Meanwhile... aboard the Harkaway... ' Well.... I'm going to need some help taking him down... ' Jolly said.

Chapter 4 : The Staff Collector[5]EditEdit

Jolly hired a man named The Menace to track down Richard. ' I collect Voodoo Staffs that have powerful crystals powering them. There are only four, i have two.' Said The Menace aboard The Harkaway.

' I believe you have one, Skull face. ' ' Yes.... and I... am Jolly Roger, Leader of the Skeleton Army, not Skull Face! ' Jolly yelled. ' Ill let you have your staff.. but only if you bring Richard Goldvane to me ALIVE! it will take days to get to him... and days to bring him here.... but i dont care... so go get him! Jolly said. ' I shall do what you ask.... for now. heh ' The Menace said mysteriously.

&nbsp Richard was sailing on The Green Runner to the French island because their ammo prices were cheap, but a storm with blazing thunder and eye-percing lightning in the deepest dark night came and they couldn't figure out which way to go. ' Should we drop canvas, sir? ' asked Stormwalker. ' No! The french island is closer. If we head back, it will actually take longer. ' Richard said.

The storm got worse and worse, and then Bloody Billy came from below decks. He wore a blue jacket, a puffy sleeved green shirt, brown sack-pants, boots with holes in 'em, and he had stylish Green hair. He was always the winey, mumbling, sad type. ' I hate storms ' he mumered. ' Not me! once.. when i was shot waaaayyy up in the air, i was able to walk on the storm-clouds ' Stormwalker said.

They finally spotted the French Island. ' There it is! Alright i need three other crew members to come with me! ' Richard said. Stormwalker was staring at the stormclouds asking them why they were being so harsh to their ship. The only reply was a ' Gouhhhm ' sound from thunder. ' Ill come. I hate being on boats when storms are near. ' Said Bloody Billy. ' Storm come over here. The island looks.... different. ' Richard said. ' Ok ' Storm replied. ' Look there.' he pointed. ' The tower. It usually has a french flag. Instead it has....' Before Richard could figure out what was there instead of the French flag, Stormwalker figured it out. ' Two dead bodies! ' Storm said. ' I guess ill come too.' 'Alright i need one more crew member! ' Richard said. Then a crew member named Somjo agreed to go.

They took a small boat and went to the island. The waves were strong and a Lightning-bolt even almost struck the small boat! They then reached the dock. It looked different. Storm started walking up the dock without really looking where he was going. He then walked right into a box and fell on it. ' arah. ' he said. ' EAAH! ' he said soon before cowering away from the box and running as fast as he could to to Richard who was only five feet away. ' I FELL ON A DEAD BODY! ' He gasped. ' Um.. thats... gross? ' Richard said. They continued to walk. ' At least there's no chance we will tip over into the water. I hate boats. ' Bloody Billy complained. There was dead bodies everywhere. ' It looks like the cleanup crew must have been fired. heh. ' Billy said. ' Yeah.. or just got scared of boats and storms like you ' Richard said. ' Hey! Im only scared mainly because this was the type of weather that produced a tornado on my home island! ' Billy said back. ' You were only seven then. You can handle a storm. Besides im sure Stormwalker and his ' mighty storm communication ' can make a tornado vanish into thin air! ' Richard said. ' Grow up Billy. Are you just a kid in a giant grouchy man suit with fat feet and blubby cheeks? ' Said Stormwalker. ' Thats it! ' Billy said right before jumping ontop and tackling Storm. ' Rahh! arghe! MAAHOUUIIE! ' they said as they fought. ' BANG! ' they stopped fighting. Somjo had fired a gun to get them to stop. ' You guys better come on. We ARE in a hurry. Im sure Jolly Roger is still chasing us. ' Said Richard. They reached land. It looked like a ghost town. ' Where is everybody? ' asked Storm. ' Probably one of the dead people ' said Billy. ' No... there's more people that live here than that ' said Storm. They went up to the old gunsmith shop. It looked like some of the explosives had exploded. And the smoke seemed fresh. ' This only happened today. About two hours ago. Gunpowder Sam! Sam? SAM!! where aaarrreee yooouuuu....? Said Richard. Then they were approached by something red... ' Sam!! there you are. Are you... ok? ' asked Richard. ' MAAHH! ' said the weird looking glowing Gunpowder Sam. Sam then dissapeared. ' Thats.... odd. ' said Stormwalker. Then another red figure appeared.. but closer.. and reder. Richard then realised what it was. ' HOWL! Are you a spirit? ' said the glowy red thing. ' Guys... i think i know what that is... ' Before Richard could finish, Storm yelled ' RAGE GHOST!!!!! ' Stormwalker then ran away. ' Come on guys its just a glowy red dot. ' Somjo then said while shooting it with his pistol ' I smell FEAR! ' Said the ghost as it approached Somjo. Somjo wasn't scared, he reloaded his pistol again and shot it. it did nothing. '.. Wha... how? ' said somjo. The ghost then got in Somjo's face and did Somber Demise. He quickly fell to the ground and died. ' USE YOUR BITTER END! ' Richard said to Stormwalker. ' Oh.. ok! ' He replied. Storm then approached the Rage Ghost and froze it. Richard then quickly pulled out his Blunderbuss and shot it ' CAABOOM!! ' It died. And a Lightning Bolt from the storm struck the ground were it lay dying. and then it magically cooked up a loot sack. They quickly ran to see what it was. It was two Blue Red Party Hats! Richard and storm each grabbed one and tried it on. ' Why dont i get one!? ' said Billy. ' Sorry ' Sorry ' Richard and Stormwalker said. ' I WANT ONE!!! ' said Billy. ' look i promise i'll get you one as soon as i get another one. ' Richard promised ' Fine! ' he said. ' This type of hat... isnt for me. ' Richard then threw his Party hat into the ocean. ' NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' Billy said. ' oops. Sorry i forgot you wanted one ' said Richard. ' BARHH! ' Billy said. Then five lightning bolts struck in one place in front of them. Then a shadowy figure appeared. It was male. He had a black coat, and a few red and gold colors throughout his outfit. His hair was unseeable through his hood. ' Well hello there ' the figure said. ' Good guy or bad guy Richard? GOOD GUY OR BAD GUY!?!? ' Asked Storm. ' Uh.. i think... BAD GUY! ' Richard said. As soon as he said that, Stormwalker froze the figure. A couple seconds later, a Lightning Bolt struck the ice and melted it. ' Haha! ' the figure said. ' Allow me to introduce myself.. I... am the Menace! ' The who? ' Asked Billy. ' The MENACE! ' The Menace said evilly ' The WHO? ' Asked Billy ' THE MENACE! ARE YOU DEAF? ' The menace growled. ' Oh... OH! Boo hoo!!! ' Billy said as he ran back to the dock. ' Well... this is odd ' Richard sighed. Richard then threw his ' Sharp Cufflink Move ' at the Menace. ' Um... what do i say... oww? Hehe. ' The menace said. The cufflink had only hit one of his medal shoulder-plates. ' Im sorry Goldvane.. but im here to destroy you. ' said the Menace as he used his Staff of Storms to strike a lightning bolt into Richard, knocking him back three yards on the ground. Then, The Menace summoned two Lightning Bolts to destroy their small boat. ' Yaa! ' Stormwaker said as he pulled out his sword. ' Foolish Pirate. ' The menace said........ The Menace then took out his sword. It had a Blood Red snake painting on the blade. And the rest of the blade was golden. They dueled.. The Menace then swung his sword at Storm, Storm ducked.... but the swing hit his Tricome Hat, ripped it, and knocked it on the ground. ' My hat!! ' Storm said. ' Ahh you like this hat eh? ' The Menace said. The Menace then summoned a Lightning bolt to burn the hat into peices. ' NNOOOO!! ' Storm cried. Richard, who was watching the battle wounded, smiled, knowing he was now the only person in the crew with a Tricome hat. ' WAIT! ' storm shouted. ' I have.... an EXTRA! ' Storm pulled out an extra tricome hat and put it on. Richard frowned. Richard then threw another Cufflink at the Menace's lip. ' AWW! ' Storm then swung his sword at the Menaces Face. The Menace fell down. Richard was healed. ' Lets go! ' Said Storm. ' WAAIIIT! ' said a voice. It was Bloody Billy! They all went up the hill and into the forest. They found a small area with a down tree, a few bushes, ( So the Menace couldn't find them easy ) and a couple large stones. They made Camp. ' So... do you think The Menace will find us? ' asked Storm. ' Not likely. ' Said Richard. ' It will take at least a day for him to find us in these woods. Their pretty big. Plus its dark AND the storm makes it harder. '

He said. Billy was quiet. They fell asleep for five hours.

They were woken up by loud thunder. They were awake and ready to take on the menace! ' We cant go back to the Runner ' Richard said. ' Good. I hate boats. ' groaned Billy. ' You hate everything! ' Storm growled. ' Not everything! I dont hate Hershey bars! ' He said. ' What's that? ' Asked Richard. ' Oh i looked in that loot bag that yall got hats in and found it. It tastes GREAT! ' He said. They continued walking through the woods and then found the back-way to the main tower where the French Lord Porc usually stays. They walked onto the tower. ' No guards? ' Asked Richard. ' Look! the guards are dead! ' Said Billy. They continued to walk accross the back bridge. Then they approached Porcs table. But instead of Porc being there, it was someone else. ' The Menace! ' Said Stormwalker.

How nice of you to.. pay me a visit. ' Said the Menace. ' You.. filthy worm! ' Richard said in disgust. ' Thank you... very MUCH! ' The menace growled ' How nice of you.. how about this. ' Richard said ' Ill give you a merciful death! ' He said as he unsheathed his sword. The Menace did the same. Then Stormwalker unsheathed his sword. The menace then pulled out his Staff of Storms. He summoned a warrior made of bear lightning itself. It looked horrid. ' Im OUTTA HERE!! ' Said Bloody Billy Richard dueled The Menace on the bridge. Storm followed Billy back to the jungle but the Lightning Warrior followed. He struck Storm with a lightning bolt ' ARAH! ' He said. The lightning warrior then unsheathed a sword and they dueled. But the Lightning warrior kept attracking too much lightning from the sky. The warrior hid under a tree They continued dueling. Meanwhile, Richard was taking on The Menace Richard used his sword to cut the Staff Of Storms ( Which was still in The Menace's other hand ) in half. ' NOOOOOOOO!!!!! ' Yelped The Menace. The menace then pulled out a different Staff. This one appeared to be the Inflamed Staff. It summoned a SUPER Flamming Skull which then struck Richard. ' BLEEAH! ' Richard said as he lost confidence that he would live. Especially when he accidently dropped his sword down and off the bridge. Meanwhile, Stormwalker had the offensive against the Lightning Warrior. The Warrior then attracked SOO much lightning, that it knocked the tree he was under and the lim fell to the right... it fell where Richard was battling the Menace. Also a small lim hit the warrior! ' Oww... ' he said. Stormwalker then destroyed the warirors hands. The warrior killed himself by pushing himself into Storm's blade. Meanwhile, on the bridge.... the lim had hit The Menace Richard then got up and pulled out HIS staff. He started a flamming skull but didn't release it. He kept it charging.. The Menace got up and started a super flamming skull.. and as soon is he BARELY released his crushing fire blow.. Richard released his... the combining flam explosion blew the menace all the way into the ocean. The Meance was able to walk back up onto the shore wounded... he then fell asleep on the beach.

Storm and billy traveled back to the dock. but Billy saw something floating in the water.... it was the party hat that Richard threw into the ocean! The crew then saw a small boat over by the gunsmith shop. ' Dang. We could have just escaped then! ' Richard said as he came back from getting his sword from below the bridge. They used the boat and went back to the Green Runner. The sun came out and the rain stopped. And then a wonderful Rainbow appeared. But then Bloody Billy sounded like he had a complain. ' I... I LOVE RAINBOWS! '

Easter Eggs, hidden clues, and facts.

  • The lightning bolt that almost hit their bolt was because of the Meance
  • The Menace survived
  • Gunpowder Sam is still a Rage Ghost
  • The Hershey bar was a zap from the furture. The spy magicaly produced a Hershey bar from the future when Hersey bars first came out. No Hershy bar copright intended xD.
  • The two skeletons that were dead on the tower were actually the guards that were dead.
  • Menace fixed his Staff of Storms
  • Jolly Roger-not so happy
  • Menace-Not so happy either
  • Menace-In Trouble
  • Richard-happy
  • Bloody Billy-Complaining. WANTS HERSHEY BARS!
  • Hershy Bar-Eaten
  • Somjo-DEAD ( BLEEAAAHHH! )
  • Rage Ghost-Not so happy
  • Gunpowder Sam(Ghost)-Moaaaannnn!
  • Nah( The Skeleton)-Coming soon.

Stay tuned for the next set of chapters in The Goldvane Trilogy. Richard is in trouble... and doesn't even know it! And the only one who can save him... is BLOODY BILLY!

Chapter 5 : Bold New Dangers.[6]EditEdit

A small figure appeared on the beach of the French Island... the island was wet from a recent storm.... his name... was The Menace!

The Menace used his staff of storms to teleport to his ship ( Thats the only place he can teleport ) , the ' Grimson Bolt. ' Five Lightning bolts struck the deck of his large war galleon, crewed by 50 bountyhunters. A figure appeared on the deck.. it was the Menace. The Harkaway appeared. The Mence Boarded Jolly Rogers huge warship. He went into the meeting room where Jolly Roger stood. ' Hello, my client. ' The Menace said. ' I see you failed.. DARK FACE! ' Jolly bellowed. ' look.. just give me another chance! He had a crew... and and... alot of skills! ' The Menace said. ' Your FIRED. Oh and alot of people are mad about me taking over that island JUST FOR YOU TO CATCH HIM! So im gonna let you take the blame. ALL HANDS ON DECK! SINK THE GRIMSON BOLT! ' Jolly roared ' NOO!!!!!!!! ' The Menace cried as his ship was torn into peices by the Harkaway. ' Take away his staffs and maroon him! ' Jolly ordered. ' I dont want him as a skeleton. ' he said ..... ' You wont get away with this!! The menace complained, as they threw him overboard with nowhere to go but a small wild island. ' Hmm.... lets read the ' for hire ' list. ' Jolly said as he looked through the list. ' Slappy the dummy? Well... its a cheap price to hire him. ' he said. Jolly hired Slappy The Dummy in a letter. Slappy then sent a letter to Jolly saying he would come in a day. The next day came, and a small boat appeared with nothing on it but a dummy. The Dummy boarded Jollys ship. ' A walking dummy? Ive never seen such magic... but let's get onto busness. ' he said. ' Look ill pay you WHATEVER! Just find Richard Goldvane for me and bring him here ALIVE! And i dont CARE how long it takes just BRING HIM NOW!!!! ' Jolly screamed. It was clear he wasn't happy after the Menace failed. Slappy the Dummy replied : ' Sure. Ill go right now. But i want a full payment of.. ' I said I dont CARE about the payment!!!! ' Jolly roared. ' I just recruited a skeleton that has to start EVERY WORD with an N! Can you emagine how hard that is?! Just GO!! ' he yelled. ' If you say so.. ' he replied. It was clear that this dummy didn't mind Jollys roaring. The dummy took off and searched for Richard.

But then some skeleton said ' Nolly Noger!!! '. It was the skeleton he had spoke of earlier. ' WWWHHHAAATTT?!?!?!?!?!?! ' He furiously yelled. ' Nip Napprouching. Nlag nays ' Neen Nunner. '. He replied. ' Says WHAT? ' Jolly asked. ' Neen Nunner ' he replied. ' Wait... Neen Nunner - Green Runner... this will be fun.. ' Jolly said. ' You know what... you need a name.. and your name will be.... nah! ' Jolly said.

' Neah! ' Nah replied. Nah was right.... there was a ship approaching... and it was Richard. Cannons fired. ' Baah! I didn't know he could fire longe range. So.. PREPARE ALL GUNS!! ' He yelled. The Runner then came for a broadside. The Harkaway did the same. Massive destruction accured. A thunderstorm kept making noises such as CCOOOUH! ' Ah. Prepare to board! ' Richard ordered. ' Board NOW! ' Jolly commanded. Both crews boarded at the same time. Many hit each other. ' FIRE!! All cannons available! ' Richard said. ' Mahouieeeey! ' said Stormwalker as he boarded the Harkaway along with eight other crew members. ' Yeehaw... WHOA!! ' Jack Can said as he boarded. ' YAARRR! ' Said Greencloths as he swung over and kicked a skeleton as he landed. ' Moorah! ' said Stumps as they formed off of the Harkaway's hull. Both ships accured with chaos. They kept circling as they battled. Nah came from below decks. He had a green sword thay shot Green thunderbolts. He kept using it on the pirates. He dueled Greencloths. ' Your green sword is no match for my Green clothes! ' he said. ' Nes nit nis! Nuahahahaha! Nou nill nie now! ' He said. Blackheart ( New to this story, look at Admiral Yurlean page to learn more about this Skeleton ) came from upstairs where Jolly was steering and giving commands. He glared at Jack Can. And after Jack Can killed the skeleton he was fighting, Blackheart chased him with two daggers. ' EAAH! ' He said as we swung back over to the Runner. Blackheat followed. Jack Can unsheathed two daggers. They Dagger-Dueled. Throwing daggers, and fighting. Sammy The Skull ( In Skeleton Form ) then boarded the Runner looking for Richard. ' Take the Wheel ' he said to Bloody Billy. ' Uh.. what ' he replied. ' Take the wheel!! ' he yelled ' Oh uh.. ok. ' he said. Surprisingly, Billy was a good helmsman. Richard dueled Sammy below decks. There wasn't enough room for a cufflink move. Richard then stabbed Sammy. It did nothing. ' I liked you better as a human, you traitor. ' He said as he pulled the sword out of Sammys stomach and continued to duel. They fought so fast that a pirate who was watching fainted.

Meanwhile, in the bow cannons area, Jack Can was battleing Blackheart. ' You must realize by now, Pirate, that you are doomed! ' Blackheart growled. ' Nope. Not doomed. Noppers. Not doomed. Nope nope nope Hehehehe. ' Jack Can said. He then threw a dagger into Blackhearts head. ' ERAH! ' He yelped in pain. Jack then swiped off Blackhearts hands and slashed off his head. He was dead. ' Yeehaw!.... AHH! ' Jack yelped as a skeleton threw grenades at him, barely missing. Jack Can then ran below decks where Richard was. He then ran upstairs and all the way into the captains cabin. And helped defend it. Things weren't going so well on the Harkaway. Greencloths was quickly defeated by Nah and unarmed. ' I.. I surrender! ' Greencloths said. On the Runner, It took ten other pirates to keep the steering wheel from getting taken over by skeletons.

Stormwalker was doing great. Untill a certain enemy came from upstairs... Jolly Roger! ' Hello there filthy human. Just a warning but.. you will see NO mercy from me! So if your a coward... id suggest running off like a filthy CHICKEN! ' Jolly roared. ' Nah.... ill just unsheath a sword! ' Stormwalker replied as he unsheathed his sword and dueled Jolly. Without Jolly at the wheel, alot of skeletons had to guard the wheel. Which gave most of the pirates time to escape. Storm, knowing he was no match for Jolly swung back over to the Green Runner. The other pirates on the Harkaway soon followed, other than Greencloths. Sammy the Skull swung back to the Harkaway. All skeletons on the Runner were defeated and the Runner started to retreat. ' Nir! Nis nirate nurrendered no nus nand ne nont nnow nhat no no nith nim. ( Translate -- ' Sir! This pirate surrendered to us and we dont know what to do with him. ' ) ' Said Nah the Skeleton ' Just turn him into a skeleton. ' Jolly said. ' EAAHHOOUHHH! HOOIUU.. AEEHH!! ' Greencloths said as he was turned into a Skeleton. ' Man.. that Nah skeleton was the best ive seen in a while. ' Stormwalker said. ' You didn't see Sammy the Skull. ' Richard replied. ' Dont even talk about that foul beast! The traitor. Friend to Billy Hullbatten. Hullbatten was the only insect!! ' Storm growled. They sailed back to Tortuga. ' Who wants some drinks? ' Richard asked. Twenty crew members said yes but only five got to go.

Richard, Stormwalker, Jeremiah Watts, Bloody Billy, and Jack Can went. They went into a bar that read ' Joeys Slowies. Slowly cooked meat and freshly poured Rum and soda. '. They went inside. ' Well this is.. nice. ' Richard said. ' Will! ' Richard said happilly. ' Richard! ' Will Goldvane replied. They hugged. ' How nice to see you! ' Richard said ' You too. ' Will replied. ' Who that? ' Asked Jack Can. ' This is my nephew. ' Richard replied. ' He's back! Edward! Edward the terrible!! ' A voice said. ' Um... i need to have a talk with Jeremiah alone. ' Richard said. Richard and Jeremiah went outside. ' Did you hear what he said? Edward is back.. in the Caribbean! ' Richard said. ' Thats not good... we better warn Will... ' Jeremiah replied. ' I'll go and do some research. You get back to the crew. ' Jeremiah said. ' Alright.. but we need to be careful.. you never know when he will make his next move.. ' Richard said. Richard went back to the crew and Jeremiah did research. Jeremiah came back. ' Richard. We need to talk... now! ' He said. ' Alright. ' Richard replied. They went outside again. ' He has.. another son. And.. hes here... on this island. ' Jeremiah said.


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Chapter 6 : An Evil Dummy[7]EditEdit

There was once a island consumed by chaos.... pirates, and villainy. Many pirates, including Captain Richard Goldvane, are ported there this very moment. The name of the island, was Tortuga. Richard, however, isn't in a bar drinking, playing cards at a parlor, game, plundering ships, or any normal pirating hobby. Instead, he's searching for someone.... someone his nephew hates... Luke the Terrible.. ' Richard, i must tell you. This boy.. is still loyal to Edward! ' Said Richards nephew, Will Goldvane. ' Well lets turn 'em to da good side, then, Will! Im sure he hates Edward the Terrible. I cant believe he calls his last name ' The Terrible '. I mean who wants The Terrible as their last name? ' Said Richard. He was acompanied by his nephew, Will Goldvane, his friend, Jeremiah Watts, and three other swashbucklers. They went into the deeper part of town searching for this ' Luke the Terrible ' when suddenly a green lightning bolt struck one of their men, killing him. ' Eahh! ' he said as he died. then a Witchdocter jumped out of the bushes. He was balled, with a skull mask on. He had two Mini-Staffs and was shooting green lightning bolts at the crew from them. ' Run ! ' Said Richard. But it was too late. He shot two lightning bolts and killed the other two crew members. ' Not to fear, my friends! ' said a voice. ' Yaahh! ' said the voice. It was a small man holding a Dummy. He pointed the dummy at the Witchdocter. ' EEAHH!! ' The man said. he fainted. ' Wow. That's a pretty powerful dummy ' said Richard. ' It is a magic dummy. It brings good to all. I sensed your presence... and knew the Dummy was meant for you. ' The man said ' For me? Are you serious? I cant afford such a thing! ' Richard replied. ' Oh no.. there is no cost. Like i said, ..... it was meant for you.. ' The man said. ' Alright.. then, i guess. ' Richard said while taking the dummy. The man pulled out a Voodoo Staff. He then used it to teleport away.

Meanwhile, on the Harkaway.

A man formed from clouds on the deck of the wretched ship. He walked into the cabin where Jolly Roger stood.

' Is it done? ' Asked Jolly. ' Yes.. ' The man said.

Meanwhile, on Tortuga. ' What's that? That noise. ' Said Will Goldvane. ' EITC Soldiers! ' Richard screamed. 50 EITC Soldiers came from behind bushes and trees, terrorizing the small part of town. ' Where did they come from? ' Asked Jermiah Watts ' They must be coming from Theives Den. ' Will Goldvane replied. They all dodged gunshots and ran. They went for the closest building, Junes shack. ' Quick, inside! ' Richard said while opening the door to the small shack. ' Get away from my house!! ' Yelled a grumpy lady, June. ' Nevermind! ' Richard said while closing the door. They then kept running untill they reached the tattoo shop. They went inside. ' Out! ' Said a male tattoo artist. ' No thanks. ' Said Jeremiah Watts as he pulled out his pistol and shot the man. ' EUUAH!! ' The man said while dying. They locked the door and took cover from the attacking soldiers. The gunfire stopped. ' Just forget it! There's other pirates to slay. ' Said the head EITC Soldier. ' Others to slay? Their going to invade Tortuga! ' Said Will Goldvane. ' That's not good. We should help defend against the EITC. ' Said Jeremiah Watts. ' No! We need to find Edward the Terrible. ' Said Richard, but Will and Jeremiah outnumbered him with their opinions. They returned to ' Joey's Slowies. Slowly cooked meat with rum and soda. ' Tavern. ' Ok, here's the plan. Jeremiah, Will, Jack Can and half of the crew will stay and fight the EITC, and, Stormwalker, Bloody Billy, and I, shall go searching for Edward. ' Richard ordered. No one said anything, but all nodded. Richard, Storm, and Billy went searching for Edward around the towns. ' I hate searching. Why did i have to come on this part of the trip.? ' Asked Bloody Billy. ' Because your're the only one who wouldn't shoot us if we asked you to come. ' Stormwalker replied. ' I WOULD shoot you, but i dont have a gun. ' Bloody Billy said. ' That's why we dont give you a gun ' Richard said to him. ' I hate not having a gun. ' Bloody Billy replied. ' Is there anything you don't hate? ' Asked Stormwalker. ' Yes. I dont hate Hershey Bars. ' Billy replied. ' Other than Hershey bars? ' Stormwalker added. ' Nope. I hate everything other than that. ' Billy strangly replied. ' Then why dont you just say that you hate everything? ' Storm asked. ' Because i hate hating everything. ' Bloody Billy replied. They kept searching around town untill they came back to the area with the tattoo shop. A lady was feeding her cat on the pathway. ' So... whats up? ' Stormwalker asked strangely to the lady. Richard shouted to him ' Dude! Theres no time for monkey business, Come on! ' He said. Stormwalker walked up to the lady and said ' Hi. I'm Stormwalker. I can walk stormclouds, and even talk to storms. ' He said. ' Hi, im Sarah Waltstones. This is BlueEyes. ' Sarah said while pointing to her cat. ' Cool. Wanna go out for a drink ? ' Storm asked. ' Sure. ' She replied. Storm reached out to shake her hands, but then.. WOOF! Richard slapped his face. Richard then pulled him around the path. ' I hope we meet again! ' Storm shouted to Sarah while being pulled. ' I hate meeting again.. ' Bloody Billy complained. POW! A gunshot withered over their heads. ' Charge!! ' Said EITC Soldiers. The Soldiers stormed the town from the bushes. There was nowhere for the crew to go other than a dinghy back to the ship. ' To the dinghy! ' Richard said. They ran for the dinghy. POW! WHOOSH! more gunshots were fired. ' ARRAH! ' Yelped Stormwalker. A bullet had hit his lower leg. Bloody Billy picked him up. Strangely, Billy was strong. ' Bring him to the dingy! Richard yelled. He was already at the dinghy. Billy ran as fast as he could to the dinghy. They passed sarah. ' I hope we meet..... again.. ' Storm said. Billy reached the dinghy and put storm inside. Billy jumped in with Richard. ' Go go go! ' Richard said to Billy, who was being made row. Richard started rowing, but then he noticed his paddles were made of foam. ' Better than nothing. ' He said. Gunshots could be heard all over the town, the EITC Raid had begun. They reached the Runner and climbed aboard. Storm was taken to the medical room. POOM! Cannon fire accured. The Runner was under attack by a fleet of EITC Warships. Richard remembered the Dummy. He pulled it out and pointed it at the fleet. ................ It did nothing. ' Peice of junk! ' Richard said while throwing the Dummy below decks. The Runner started sailing away, but was getting blown to bits. Even with rear cannons, the Runner was no match for the fleet. But then... the Fleet crashed into itself and sunk. Its like the water had a mind of its own. Richard walked from the steering wheel down to the main deck. But something was odd... the Dummy was sitting on the deck, and not below decks. Richard picked up the Dummy. "Very...... strange." He said. He put the dummy below decks. It was then a peaceful day and night. They all went to sleep. Richard woke up in his private cabin. He yawned, looked around, and got up. He opened the window. It was still night. He then closed the window. He heard noises. It was footsteps. They got louder and louder. Richard had his musket ready. But then.. a different noise accured.... a knocking on the door. " Hello? Are you awake? I hate not being awake.... " Said a voice that sounded like Bloody Billys. Richard opened the door. It WAS Bloody Billy. "What do you want?" Richard asked. "There are noises. Crashing, banging. And i saw a lightning bolt hit a crew member. Can i sleep on your extra bed?" Asked Bloody Billy. "Ah.. no. Just show me the things you saw." Richard said. " Uh....." Billy shivered. "Ok... i guess i w...w..will" Billy said. Billy took Richard down below decks and went to a large area of hammacks which each had a sleeping Pirate in them... except for one. Instead, this bunk was emty... and black. There WAS a pirate on the ground next to the hammack. He had a black hole in the middle of his body, and electricity surrounding him. "This is..... i..i..It." Billy said. "He's Dead. No way he could be alive." Richard said."I wanna.. go somewhere else.." Bloody Billy said. " YAAWWN. Your such a baby, Billy." said Stormwalker, who was waking up due to Richard and Billy. "Storm, you and your little girlfriend on Tortuga is the only thing babyish!" Billy replied, angry. Stormwalkers face turned red. "Ok, Billy let's just go up to the deck, shall we?" Richard said, knowing Stormwalker shouldn't use his energy for he's hurt, also pulling Billy upstairs and onto the main deck. But, Richard then went up into the air. He was floating. "Wha... ahh!!!! AHH!!! What's happening?!?!? I demand you to get me down!" Richard yelled. He was then thrown into the ocean. "Richard!!" Bloody Billy cried as he sent a small boat down for Richard to jump in. Richard got into the boat. "Cold.. cold...cold...!" He said, shivering. A figure walked up from below decks. It was very short. It was the dummy! "A walking dummy!!" Bloody Billy said. "Hello there." The dummy said in a solid voice. He waved his small wooden hands. Lighting appeared in them. He was about to shoot what looked like the same lightning that killed the man. Billy was so scared he jumped off the ship, into Richards boat. He landed on something soft. It made a REEOO sound. It was a hound-dog. Richard unsheathed his sword and cut the roaps that held the boat to the ship. "Row row row!!" He said. They rowed. "I forgot to tell you but.. we have a new addition to the crew : Bruce the hound!" Richard said. "Ruff!" The hound said. They rowed as fast as they could until they reached land. It was sunrise by then. They went ashore. It was just a plain old island. They walked around a little. Untill a figure appeared. It was The Menace!! We walked out of the woods. "Barggh! You!... YOU!!" The Menace said angry. "How did you end up on this excuse for a peice of dirt?" The Menace said. Bloody Billy had just realized who it was. "AHH!" He said while running back to the boat, where the Hound was still laying. "Some dummy used voodoo magic and sent me into the ocean. Lucky for me, Billy saved me, and we ran away from the Dummy here. Apparently, this Dummy has probably been hired by someone to capture us" Richard replied. "What... that ' Skull Face' replaced me with a dummy!!" The Menace yelled. "Replaced you? You were HIRED to attack us?" Richard said. "And who's ' Skull Face '?" Asked Richard. "Skull face? Oh.. the man who hired me - Jolly Roger." The Menace replied. "Hmm... i attacked him the other day. He wants something of me... im not sure what." Richard said. "Im not sure either... but i am sure of one thing... and that's that im WILL have my revenge... here... and now..." The Menace said as he unsheathed a sword. It wasn't his old fancy one. it had dirt on it, and looked very old. The Menace must have found it in the dirt somewhere on the island. Richard unsheathed his sword. "Ya really want to do this... AGAIN,.. mate?" Richard asked. "I do... and im sure of it.. Yaa!" The Menace said as he attacked Richard. Richard parried, but the Menace wasn't giving up. He wanted his revenge. Cling Clang! Slash! Woof! They dueled for ten minutes in the same place. Untill the Menace knocked Richard's Sword out of his hand. He then used his ' Sharp Cufflink Movie ' on the Menace's shoulder. "Arrh!!" He said while stepping back five steps. Richard then noticed he didn't have any shoulder-plates. Richard then grabbed his sword, and slashed at The Menace's knees. "AHH!" He said while falling down. Richard then turned back toward the ocean, due to seeing the sun first come out. But there were sails on the horizon... it was the Runner. "Ill make sure to have you killed, mate. Unless you wanna help me against Ole Jolly. Assuming that he's the one who took away your ' prized staffs, shoulder-plates, and your sword." Richard said. "Alright.. i guess." The Menace replied. But the Runner wasn't sailing like it usually was..... instead.... it was firing cannons at the island!

To Be Continued..


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Other small stories.[9]EditEdit

The great battle of the 5th Brethren Court and Captain Leon's fleet. ( 2 years in the future )[10]EditEdit

( Main article : The Death of Jack Swordmenace )

Richard has recently become a pirate lord. He sent his newly built fleet of 5 war frigates ( Including the Green Runner ) into The 5th Brethren Courts battle against Captain Leon. They were massly outnumbered, but Jack Swordmenace, and the other pirate lords were smart and had many tricks up their sleeve. Like Nate Raidhawks daggers, Richards explosives, and much more.

The Cheiften was Leons flagship. It had misfired and exploded. The Pirate Lords then started to get the offensive. Richard engadged the head Escort ship. Massive cannons were fired. Once the other escort ships ( That were coming to help the main one ) turned around to help the Cheiften, Richard had a plan.

Then Captain Richard Goldvane and The Crew of the Green Runner boarded the largest escort ship. It was captained by... non other than the brother of Billy Hullbatten, James Hullbatten! Richard had killed Billy long ago before he became a pirate lord, at The Battle of Kingshead ( In The Goldvane Trilogy. ( Chapter 1) ). When the cannon misfired aboard the Chieftain, it caused an EITC soldier to jump into James Hullbatten's arms and knock him down. James then shot the EITC blue coat. ' If it isn't the man who bats hulls! ' Richard said. ' Baah! Your the only person that seems to be batting hulls! ' James growled. ' How nice of you. Lets just see what'll happen if.....' BANG! As Richard shot his gun at a pile of Explosive barrels that were at the front of the ship, almost destroying the entire bow hull. ' EAHH! ' James said as he tripped and fell. ' Time to go! ' said Richard, as he swung back over to The Green Runner. ' Fire ten explosives at the middle-bow of their ship! ' he ordered to his crew. Are you MAD!? That'll be be ALL of our explosives! Yelled Stormwalker. ' I dont care, FIRE!! ' Richard demanded as the crew shot ten explosives at the enemy, blowing the front HALF of their ship into bits! The enemy ship tilted over, and sunk. ' HAYAARNINB! ' Yelled a crew member. HARAY!! yelled others. But this was just a small victory... Richard then noticed that Jack wasn't doing so well. He then saw ten EITC warships heading that way. ' Ill take care of them ' Richard said as his small fleet of five pirate warships engadged the ten warships. All warships were sunk, but only two of Richards small fleet survived. The Runner, and one other War Frigate.


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Dr. Skull scheduled to be in Chapters 9-10. And Achaelos will make an appearance in 10.

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Future Expectations[13]EditEdit

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  • Achaelos in chapter 10
  • Dr. Skull in chapter 9-10.
  • El Fantasma in unknown chapter.

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