Le WelcomeEdit

This place was pretty much used as a database for my fan fiction and everything related to it, now I will use the chat here for games, meetings, and chats between certain groups. Different rules will be placed here depending on the circumstances. 

I'll keep stuff from all of my fan fiction here too, but it won't be updated regularly so expect a lot of crap :P

Administrators & StaffEdit

Ask one of our awesome admins! They will be sure to help you out with their knowledge of the coding and Wiki.

  1. Goldlock Holmes - Wiki Founder
  2. Basil Bridgebain, Guildmaster of Boss Buster Lords The Big CheeseCH
  3. KittyNomsYou - Admin
  4. Bill24601 - Admin.
  5. GenLawrence - Admin
  6. Jack Pistol - Admin

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