Possible TitlesEdit

  1. "If you can't beat them, join them"
  2. "A Privateer"
  3. "Privateer Business Only"
  4. "Working for the Fatty" ( unlikely )
  5. "Never Say Never!

Base PlotEdit

In chapter 15, Richard will set out on a quest to find the Eye of Cortez, a mystical crystal eye, said to have great power if put into the Stone of Atlantis, in which Richard found back in Chapter 13.

He hears about its power, soon before being confronted by El Fantasma, once again!

Fantasma takes the Green Runner, and threatens to destroy it if Richard doesn't get the eye and the stone for him in 7 months.

Richard does research, and the only person he can find that knows about it - King George of Great Britain!

He must now gain the kings trust, by becoming an english privateer!

Scheduled CharactersEdit

  • King George/John II of Great Britain
  • Matthew Blastshot
  • Many Navy Guards, soldiers, sailors, officers, and privateers
  • El Fantasma
  • Lieutenenat Loan
  • Johnathan Juryrig